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Participants will receive viewing links via email in advance of the Experience. Sessions can be viewed live in real-time, or via on-demand video access to replay or watch anything you've missed.
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Online participants will receive viewing links via email in advance of the Experience. Sessions can be viewed live in real time, or via on-demand video access to replay or watch anything you've missed.

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Online Experience

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Day 1
Friday, June 24


The Spiritual World Is Making A Comeback (Curtis Childs)

A long time ago, spiritual and physical things were incredibly interconnected. People would frequently talk with spirits and angels, nature and sacred texts shone out with obvious spiritual lessons, and being kind to each other was instinctual — just second nature. While that may seem a million miles from where we are today, guess what? We're headed back there, and beyond!


Virtual Welcome Party (optional)

This optional Virtual Welcome Party provides an opportunity to interact with the Off The Left Eye hosts and meet fellow participants in a Zoom meeting format.

Day 3
Sunday, June 26


New Church Live Sunday Service (Curtis Childs, Rev. Chuck Blair, and live music)

Day 2
Saturday, June 25


The Bible: Secret Door to the Spiritual World (Dr. Jonathan Rose)

It is absolutely possible to be in touch with heaven during life on earth, and go to heaven after death, without the Bible—millions do. But if you have it, why not use it? It has unique advantages in its hidden design. Reading the Bible every day is how Swedenborg maintained and improved his connection with heaven. We will talk about how and why it works, and different ways to use it. Without mixing metaphors, we’ll discuss the password needed to unlock it and the enzymes that help us digest it. And provide real-life examples, in the hopes that that will be helpful to you.


Connection With Our Loved Ones in the Afterlife (Karin Childs)

Everyone will eventually experience the loss of a loved one. We’ll look at the painful feeling of separation when a loved one dies, why communication between the physical and spiritual worlds is difficult, and how we can learn to recognize and value the connection that is still there. 


Reflections (optional)

This optional session, hosted by Karin Childs, will be a space for participants to share reflections and discuss the morning's presentations in a Zoom meeting format.


Bridging the Levels in Your Mind: Learning How to Sense Your Innate Intuition (Chelsea Odhner)

We often talk about how the soul is active in the body, but where does the soul get its life from? In this interactive live recording of the Inside Off The Left Eye podcast we’ll explore the small work Soul-Body Interaction, published by Swedenborg in 1769, and what it can teach us about spiritual inflow, the levels of our minds, and how to sense our innate intuition in our day-to-day lives.


Explore the Treasures of Correspondences (Sheila Robinson-Kiss, MSW, LCSW)

This topic from Swedenborg’s books is a fascinating one to celebrate. Sometimes correspondence is obvious, and sometimes it’s hidden in the nooks and crannies of your life. How can this concept help you use spirituality to lift up your life? Let’s get playful with it and have some fun!


The Inflow of Spirits - The Influence of Spiritual Auras on our Minds and Moods (Panel Discussion)

Our minds constantly interface with the thoughts and feelings of people in the spiritual world through auras. We’ll explore ways that different spiritual auras affect our moods, and how that can help us gain a better perspective on our shifting mental states.


Send-Off (optional)

This optional session, hosted by Karin Childs, will be an opportunity to ask any lingering questions and share closing thoughts with the Off The Left Eye Experience presenters in a Zoom meeting format.