There is a passage in the Gospel of Luke that suggests that there is no marriage in Heaven. Is this indeed the case? Biblical teachings are symbolic in nature. A distinction must be made between spiritual weddings and physical marriage. In this clip, we discuss some of the spiritual meanings of the term marriage as it appears in scripture in an effort to unlock this enigmatic teaching.


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  • probably the most difficult part of losing my wife is the eternal aspect. if I knew for certain that we would be husband and wife in heaven, I could do the remaining years of my life standing on my head, looking forward to being with her again, to having the perfection of dwelling in His presence added to the love that we shared. to read about how we will be restored can be comforting but we cannot really know what awaits us.

    I know that whatever heaven is, it will be better than what we have on earth and if I am not joined with my wife, whatever I dwell in will far surpass that desire to be one again. we just have to live with that until we find out for ourselves.

    marriage today is not different than marriage in ancient times. marriage is a contractual agreement between two people and their legal responsibilities to one another. that is what Jesus was referring to when saying that we would neither be marrying nor giving in marriage. wedding contracts have nothing to do with, or have authority over, the hearts of the two. the breakdown of marriage is where the contract comes in.

    while working in my garage, nearly a year after losing my bride, i experienced what i have chosen to believe was the Lord speaking to my heart. right out of the blue, not even thinking about my loss, just working on my car, i heard; “if you think you loved her here, just wait”.

    maybe it was just me. but God created Adam and Eve to be one for eternity. they were driven from the garden, losing access to the tree of life but did their failure prompt God to end the eternal part of his creation? or does it remain that God continues in his intention for a man and woman to be joined for eternity?

    we have absolutely no way of knowing the answer to this question. i am inclined to believe that we will be joined again but that belief is just what i have chosen to believe. that truly is my hope and choosing that hope has certainly brought a certain amount of comfort. But if I am wrong, i won’t be disappointed.

    • Patrick, I’m so deeply sorry for the loss of your dear wife. Thank you for sharing these tender thoughts. I do believe in the eternity of this genuine “soul mates” love that you are describing, and the one-ness that this kind of love brings. I greatly admire your humble willingness to accept whatever will be true and actual when you cross into the afterlife someday, and your trust in God. I hope you will continue to allow the possibility that God wants you and your wife to be together forever! Love is the most real thing that there is. Wishing you God’s peace and blessings, friend!

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