Jazmyne Cidavia-DeRepentigny of Hull, Georgia, had an out of body experience during surgery in 1979 and in 1991. Robin Michelle Halberdier of Texas City, Texas, had a near death experience (NDE) as a newborn in 1969. In 1932, cartoonist Arthur E. Yensen was in a serious car accident and also had an NDE.

Different people, different situations, different times, but they all saw similar things in their near-death experiences. Jazmyne and Robin Michelle saw a bright light, and described feelings of warmth, love, and safety. Arthur described a feeling of being home and not wanting to leave, and Jazmyne wanted to join her spirit and follow the light. Arthur and Robin Michelle were both told they had to return and finish their life on earth, to fulfill their purpose. Jazmyne had a sense that she could change her life. All three described what they saw as hyperreal. They all saw human beings: figures with similar shapes to us, but more radiant, more alive, and more beautiful. They returned to life with purpose, energy, and intention.

These experiences aren’t unique to just these three people! Why this consistency? A near death experience (NDE) is actually an interaction with the afterlife, and the afterlife as described by Emanuel Swedenborg has a structure to it that explains exactly why things in NDEs happen like they do.

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