Marriage on earth can be complicated. Many of us wonder, will things change in the afterlife?

We ask God for guidance, and wonder, do you marry your soulmate? Others wonder, what if your soulmate is not your spouse? What happens if your soulmate dies before you – will soulmates reunite?

And many more wonder, what if you never meet your soulmate? Some of us ask, will we ever find our twin flame? And, is it even possible – does God have a soulmate for everyone?

But you can count on this:

Each of us has a true soulmate relationship, a partner we truly belong with, no matter what our status on earth may be.

And here’s why…

Love After Death

Love is eternal, and doesn’t have to stop when the heart stops. We never really lose our soulmates to death.

If you were lucky enough to have met your soulmate on earth, that connection remains after death. Marriage love is especially precious to God, and so love transcends the death of a partner, and in fact can still grow!

We can continue working on a relationship that began on Earth, even if soulmates are separated.

[Married couples] are not even separated by the death of one, since the spirit of the deceased husband or wife continues to live with the husband or wife who is not yet deceased. And this continues until the other one’s death, when they meet again and reunite themselves and love each other more tenderly than before because they are in the spiritual world.

Emanuel Swedenborg, Marriage Love 321

How To Reunite With Your Soulmate

Finding love can be complicated, but the afterlife will make it all clear. Meeting your true soulmate may or may not have happened on earth, and perhaps you had more than one partner who you loved.

Married partners will find each other after death, and reunite in the spiritual world, where they spend some time together and see if the relationship feels like a true marriage.

It often happens that married partners meet [after death] and welcome each other joyfully. They stay together as well, but for a longer or shorter time depending on how happily they had lived together in the world. Ultimately, unless they had been united by real marriage love (which is a union of minds from heavenly love), they separate after having been together for a while.

Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Hell 494

Nothing will happen that doesn’t feel deeply right to everyone involved, because God knows our deepest wants. You won’t get lost looking for a sign of a soulmate – your heart will lead the way, and you will find who you are supposed to meet.

What If I Never Meet My Soulmate On Earth?

Actually, marriage love can grow even if you never marry. No matter who or how many people you have been married to, you can work on marrying goodness and truth in yourself.

Personal growth is a vital part of marriage. When we commit to loving goals, and act from love, then God is actually building heaven and heavenly marriage within us.

When we make positive effort towards creating healthy relationships with ourselves and with others, we truly are working with the Lord to help us find our soulmate, a true heart and soul connection. It is the effort we make within that ultimately will be how we meet our true love, and how we will be with our soulmate in heaven.

God Is Finding Your Soulmate

God works all the time to bring people marriage love, if it’s what they want. If you lead a life of thoughtfulness toward others, God will lead you to your soulmate.

For anyone who longs for true marriage love the Lord provides compatibility. If it does not happen on earth, then he provides for it in the heavens.

Emanuel Swedenborg, Marriage Love 229

While it may be easier for us to recognize and find our soulmate when we become angels in heaven, where everything is authentic and genuine, the work we do on ourselves while on earth creates the conditions that lead to blissful spiritual marriage.

Real love is a marathon, not a sprint. Nurture it, and it will grow; both now and in in the spiritual world, through steadfast commitment to love and spirituality.


Love survives the death of a partner, who is still with us even after they pass. Soulmates will reunite in heaven, and we will find our true partners, whether we found them on earth, or not.

Everyone’s journey to genuine and eternal marriage love will be unique, and God is watching over it all. You can trust that God wants the highest joy for you and for everyone!

To learn about Emanuel Swedenborg, whose nearly thirty years of open communication with the spiritual world informs this content, see this short video or read about his life and work here.


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  • My other half LAKYTIA CLAYTON who just passed away on June 16th 2021 at 8:12pm in Plantation General Hospital ER after her heart stopped beating. The medical examiner said the cause of Death was COVID-19 and her HIV/HEPATITIS which shut down her body. They called her death (Natural Causes) since she did not die due to someone else causing her death. She was only 49. She was only 4 foot 2 inches tall and weighed 60 lbs. We met back on March 1st 1996. She was 23. I was 33. It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR ME. I WAS MEZMERIZED. She got pregnant with our son in April 1997. Our son was born January. He is now 23. Her mother cremated her. I proposed marriage to her in 1997 with a Ring but she said she wasn’t ready. I said ok. We remained boyfriend/girlfriend and we lived together. I found out later that at the age of 4 she was Molested several times by her stepdad back in 1976. She told her mom about it on the 1st time. Her mom did nothing except slap her and demand that she stop blaming him and for her to go back to her bed where the molestations continued happening. This made her Mentally Ill with a Fragmented/Shattered Personality along with a Split Personality along with Schizophrenia. She also was Bipolar. Manic Depressive. She had PTSD. ANGER/RAGE ISSUES. Psychopathic/Sociopathic tendencies. Homicidal Rage. Multiple Personality Disorder. With all of these demons trapped inside of her made her turn to CRACK Cocaine which took over her life and slowly but surely destroyed it. A few months later she found out she had HIV. That devastated her. She already had a seizure history since childhood. Plus with all the stress in her life made her smoke cigarettes which eventually caused her to contract COPD which effected her Respiratory System. The HIV itself started causing her to lose weight rapidly so the Doctor prescribed MEGACESTROL which helps a person gain weight but unfortunately it came with side effects which were:. It made her Blood Pressure skyrocket plus it caused her to also sleep a whole lot as well. She had THRUSH in her mouth and on her tongue which is a complication of HIV which she took medicine for. She kept having UTIs and Severe Diarrhea. She also had NEUROPATHY IN HER LEGS which screwed her up MENTALLY CAUSE AT ONE TIME SHE WAS THE FASTEST RUNNER/CROSS COUNTRY ENDURANCE RUNNER IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. Had I came into her life at an earlier stage I just know I could have became her Coach and helped her get into the OLYMPICS where I just know she would have won several GOLD MEDALS cause she was lightning fast. Her being tiny certainly had it’s benefits. The night she was transported by EMS to the hospital the Paramedics noticed that she had Severe Diarrhea and Labored Breathing which caused her to become unconscious and unresponsive. She wasn’t dead at that point. Just unconscious. They had her on Life Support in the Ambulance and they were performing CPR on her chest and with a bottle that was attached to her throat but they were unable to revive her. Even though she gave me Misery/Grief/Poverty/Suffering I still became her Representative Payee for her Social Security disability check which meant I made sure her bills were paid and I made sure she had food to eat as well. For those 25 years while she was in my life I protected her and cared for her and made sure she was always Happy and Comfortable. I still loved her dearly. We had stopped Making Love back in 1997. I really believed that GOD put her into my life for ME TO TAKE CARE OF. I always treated her life a Queen. I never abused her or hurt her. I never allowed anyone else to hurt her either. I have no regrets. I always picked her up to take her places even if it meant me having to burn hundreds of tanks of gas in my car. I gave her everything she ever needed or wanted. I paid for EVERYTHING. There wasn’t anything in this World that I would have denied her. I know I cared for her and loved her more than she loved me which is ok with me. She still trusted me and depended on me for many things in her daily life. With her Me and Her had a daily routine which was a pain in the ass at times but I eventually became accustomed to it. When she was in the street getting high using drugs I was still there in her corner as her SUPPORT SYSTEM. When she was in RECOVERY getting her act together while staying off of drugs I was still in her corner as her SUPPORT SYSTEM. Clean or Dirty I loved her either way without Condemnation or Judgement. I had Unconditional Love for this beautiful but disturbed human being named LAKYTIA ANNETTE CLAYTON to the moment she passed away that very evening in that Hospital ER Room. God loaned her to me for the last 25 years. He entrusted her to ME for Safekeeping. I did my absolute BEST to show her all of the love and affection and human understanding that she deserved. I made sure that she never went without anything. Never in my life have I ever loved see someone to the Depths of my Soul. There were several times I rescued her and saved her life. I even walked her out of HOSPICE right after the Doctor told her that she would die in HOSPICE. I prayed to God. He gave her the Strength and Energy and Renewed and Restored Health which enabled her to leave that HOSPICE. In a way I am glad she passed because that very evening she told her roommate that she was tired and that she couldn’t fight the ENEMY anymore and that she wanted to go HOME which meant GOD/HEAVEN where there definitely is no more PAIN OR SUFFERING. In her last 3 days of her life she was in pain and she was suffering. I did my best to ease her pain but she would always keep a lot of things from me cause she knew just how much I loved her. She did not DIE that evening. Only her body died. Her Attitude and Personality was connected to her SOUL. The Soul never does because it is made up of PURE ENERGY and you can not destroy PURE ENERGY. It only goes from 1 Point to another Point. The body is born with a expiration date just like a jug of milk. The body died and the SOUL LIVES ON. I don’t believe HEAVEN IS A PLACE YOU CAN SEE BUT INSTEAD ITS A PLACE WE WILL BE ABLE TO FEEL AND EXPERIENCE IN A SPIRITUAL WAY. Just like LOVE. You can’t see LOVE. But you can feel it. Lust is what you see. Love is what you feel. I died 2 times in my life and had 2 out of body experiences when I was 6 & 13 where I died 2 times. Since you are as somewhat connected to the SPIRITUAL WORLD do you believe ME AND HER WILL SEE EACH OTHER OR BECOME CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER AGAIN? Just wondering and curious. Please call me 954 274 6826 cell or Email me at:
    [email protected]

    Thank you for reading this.

    • William, thank you so much for sharing this tender story of unconditional love. I absolutely believe that you and Lakytia will reunite in the afterlife! Your love sustained her for all those difficult years, and that love will always be a part of her. Now that she is in the afterlife, free from Earthly traumas and addictions and illnesses, she will be able to love you in a way that she couldn’t on Earth. I’m sure her spirit stays close to you as she heals and starts a new phase in the spiritual world, and that your relationship is still very real even while each of you are on different sides of the veil. I have no doubt that when it is time for you to cross over someday, the two of you can continue your journey together. Thank you for all that you did for you. I hope that now you can take care of yourself as you adjust and recover from this loss. I am sending much love to both you and Lakytia, and I am wishing you healing and peace! — Karin

  • I was wondering, can you meet somebody again in heaven if you met them but accidentally missed the opportunity to be with them on earth?

    For example… i met this guy (stranger) last year that i had liked (have strong feelings for that i don’t think i will be able to get over…)

    But because of my own doings by no fault of my own (missed out opportunity’s to talk because of distractions/not realizing who he was etc) and with that i think now he has moved on thinking that i don’t care… (which i think he don’t care either now too..)

    I know this is silly because we are strangers… but i think that what if he is my soulmate due to lots of reasons….

    1 Being i think we met once before and i did not realize it until
    months/half a year after we talked

    2 The meeting was serendipitous for me

    Plus its not often i like a guy (this one not so much as the other 2 reasons though) and well… i’m middle aged now and i don’t think i will meet another…

    It seems like it was for us at first… but now it seems the world is against us…. (but there are so many coincidences involving him to make me think… but at the same time… all hope is lost. :()

    Also if he gets married but is my soul mate… will we still reunite in heaven? and if not… will we still be able to be friends in heaven? (even though we are strangers and he don’t care about me now..)

    And/or will he find out in heaven that those times we meant to talk but did not talk was not my fault?

    Sorry for so many hard questions.

    • Hello, Kerry! There is no need to worry. Something as important as one’s soulmate cannot simply be missed out on due to earthly circumstances or mistakes. If you and this man are meant to be together, that will become clear in the afterlife, whether he had ever been married to someone else or not. But if he is not with someone else right now, and there were just some misunderstandings, perhaps there will still be an opportunity to connect with him in this world and see if your feelings are mutual! Either way, you can trust that God will bring you and your soulmate together in the end, if not in this world, in the next. And you can most certainly be friends in the afterlife if not in this life.

  • This brought my heart joy as I met my soulmate when I was 18 and he died before we really ever got our chance at loving each other. That was 30 years ago and I have never felt the same for anyone else.

    • Oh, Annamarie, I’m so glad this video brings you hope for a joyful reunion someday. This earthly life seems long, but it will just be a blip compared to the eternity you two can spend together! Sending love to you both!

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