Dealing with anxiety? It could be you have a spirit problem.

The Presence of Spirits

Don’t worry, we all do to various extents. Spirits aren’t the only source of anxiety, but the presence and absence of particular supernatural beings having a major impact on our mental and emotional weather is a real factor of our inner wellbeing.

The Impact of Spirits on Auras

Our spirit, the part of us that is conscious, is constantly moving in and out of auras that affect our thoughts and moods. Auras are heavily influenced by what spirits are present around us. And these auras, and the spiritual influence they convey, can arouse anxiety in us.

How Spirits Impact Our Minds

The principle of our interaction with spirits and the spiritual world is absolutely essential for developing a model of the mind that makes sense of all the seemingly chaotic and at times counterproductive thoughts and feelings that make up our conscious experience, including the onset and persistence of anxiety.

Your spirit is the same thing as your mind, it’s the conscious part of you that inhabits your body. Your body has a location in the physical world, and whatever conditions are around you reach your consciousness through a connection between the physical and spiritual parts of you.

Your spirit has a location in the spiritual world, and because the spiritual world is based around consciousness, consciousness shapes the conditions there. And in that world there are spirits (think people who used to be like us, but now their bodies have died and they’re just spirits) and when they approach, their attitudes, beliefs, and motives, all aspects of their consciousness, either reinforce or clash with our consciousness, changing the spiritual conditions around us that we experience as thoughts and emotions.

Swedenborg’s Notes on Spirits and Anxiety

The idea that spirits are always around us affecting our states took some getting used to for Swedenborg. But after awhile he got used to it and all along he kept careful track of the influence he observed them having on his consciousness. Here are some examples of what Swedenborg reported:

  1. Some spirits can directly infuse anxious thoughts.
  2. At times spirits attach themselves to partially digested food and speak about things that are contrary to what we love. We don’t hear it, but we pick it up subconsciously and it manifests as distress.
  3. Greedy and materialistic spirits pour in anxiety about the future.
  4. Anxiety can come from the collision of the “spheres of life” or auras that emanate from us and all other spirits.
  5. There are spirits that interact with our diaphragm, making us place more importance on issues than we really need to.
  6. And when we’re going through a spiritual transformation, evil spirits stir up all the negative aspects of ourselves.

To Dive Deep

Watch this video for an in-depth look at anxiety-producing spiritual interactions: the contrary speech that distresses us, the collision of auras, and the role of anxiety-causing spirits in our spiritual transformation.

For extras on this topic from the offTheLeftEye team check out our related Inside offTheLeftEye podcast episode: Anxiety Help and the Sudden Title Change of True Christianity.


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  • Wow! I loved your Spirits Cause Anxiety! My blood pressure goes way up when a bully spirit intrudes my world. I tried to explain this to my Dr. and she is worried about my heart and I consented to a low dose medication.
    It happens all the time when I go into hospitals…which I realize there are many “lost ones” hanging around. Your video helped me go deeper into understanding the anxiety. Now, I know I am going to work harder on addressing those around me with love and empathy, not fear. I must share this funny, which scared me long ago. I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. I had a spirit slap me, I was in her bed! I even heard her telling me so. I did have the where with all to think…”Don’t you know you are dead?” I have found that many deaths are instantanious and the spirit is still living in what they think is their normal physical life. I am so Thankful to finally find people who understand this very normal part of life. Thank you!

    • Wow, yes, we sure have a whole vibrant world of spirits all around us! You are one of those that can be more aware of it than most. I’m very glad, too, that you have found a place with us where you can share stories like these and we can say, “Yup, that makes sense!” 😊 – Karin

  • Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  • This episode really hit home with me! I’ve always had a very sensitive stomach. Some of the elements I’ve suffered from for years has been IBS, extreme nausea associated with migraines and acid reflux. Even though I have had these diagnoses for years, (since a teen, I just turned 48 )I know part of it is psychological. Growing up my mom has always called me an extra sensitive person!Today they call it an “empath”. I’ve always taken on other people’s pain as my own. I’m just now dealing with childhood abuse trama, I’ve never properly dealt with. When I was younger my mom didn’t believe in “secular therapy” so she would never take me on a regular basis, though she was advised to. So she felt doing that would make me worse, opening up those wounds on a weekly basis, stiring up pain, she just didn’t feel it was a good idea. As I got older my sisters and I would be each other’s help, each other’s counseling. If somebody got sick or passed away somebody was on hand to pop a pill in my mouth so I don’t kill over. I’m learning more and more to balance these issues,but still bad news and negativity goes right to my head and my stomach. I’m really trying to work on that now. Unfortunately sadness, pain and death are a part of life’s cycle. But so is peace love, healing and happiness.

    • Aw, Haylo, my heart goes out to you. You’ve been through so much, and yet we can feel your sweetness and integrity. I deeply admire your ability to recognize the peace, love, healing and happiness in your life, despite residual vulnerabilities from past wounds. I hope this concept about spirits can give you one more tool in the mix of ways to take care of yourself. Thank God for the love and care between you and your sisters. Wishing you continued strength and healing! God bless! — Karin 💖

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