What is a spiritual awakening?

People use the term in a lot of different ways, but we all get that a spiritual awakening is something. But have you ever wondered WHY they even exist? And what is technically going on when one does happen? And do we have any part in making one happen?

In this episode, we do a deep dive into how spiritual awakenings are part of being human, the role that a phase of deep confusion plays, and our part in it all.

Spiritual awakenings are more than just cosmic accidents of human consciousness. They are a phenomenon written into the design of human spiritual development. And a spiritual awakening isn’t always a big noticeable event on your journey; one can happen gradually over many years.

Here’s the deal: we have levels in our spirit that gradually open, and each one opening prepares us for the next. There’s a reason why you don’t really hear about kids having spiritual awakenings – the groundwork is still being laid during childhood. Once we are fully rational and have the ability to think for ourselves then we’re prepared. Prepared for the opening of our spiritual mind.

Opening this level in our mind isn’t like flicking on a light. It involves consciously fighting against what we’ll call “evils” in our outer self that keep the deeper levels of our minds closed. And to do that we need to be armed with truth and determination, two qualities that depend on and extend from our freedom and rationality. As anyone who’s been through a spiritual awakening can tell you, it’s not just a walk in the park. It’s normal to go through a phase of deep confusion. One version of yourself is being dismantled and a new one is developing. So yeah, you feel that. For this kind of major reconstruction to happen, things have to get shaken up, and can seem very disorganized, but that’s actually essential for this reordering. Things have to get thrown in the air for them to fall into place.

Making use of the ability we have in our minds to observe our thoughts and feelings paves the way for spiritual awakenings to happen. When we evaluate our inner landscape for what is harmful and turn away from it – when we stop doing evil – it unclogs pathways in our mind allowing the light of heaven to come in. Start doing this you’ve set the stage for a spiritual awakening.

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