In this episode, we’re continuing our study of the spiritual meaning of Revelation Chapter 9 by exploring what enchantments or sorceries were in ancient times and how this applies to us today in Apocalypse Revealed 462.


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  • Thank you so much for that. That really shined some light in. You guys are an incredible blessing. I tell all my friends and family about you. And some acquaintances too.
    I don’t use YouTube anymore because of their censorship of conservative views so I’m glad you have videos here on your website. I use rumble now. It would be great if you started a channel there!

    • I’m glad the website is feeling helpful to you! Our goal is to have our video-watching experience be more and more centered here, and I hope this location can continue to serve you! So glad to have you here, friend!

  • Since my mom passed away I have many dreams of her bad dreams. But the one where she said tell them not to come down here I believe that’s how she feels. It makes me miserable to think of her in hell bc there is no end to it. I tried to warn her many times but she would not wake up, now she is paying for it. I want to help her so I just pray hoping it will do some good. My mom had a lot of things she needed to get rid of. Can Jesus do anything now?

    • Your mother is not in hell! If so, she would not be trying to warn anyone, because she would not care about them. It could be that your mom is spending some time in what Swedenborg calls “the lower earth,” which is a place to do some purging of false ideas and negative emotions and agendas, so that a person can then progress toward heaven. That is how Jesus is helping your mom right now!

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